A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

Visual artist Kesewa Aboah takes us through her mind and world as she explores what it feels like to transform the thoughts in her head into art that lives in the real world.

Text by

Kesewa Aboah

Photography by

Alice Dellal, Daniel Wheatley



"I start with a theme or project, intending to finish and carry that theme throughout. However, I usually end up somewhere totally different."

"Bodies are intrinsic to the work. They form the premise, the root, and everything stems from there."

"The embroidery is taxing; it’s laborious and repetitive. On the best of days, it’s meditative and gratifying. On the worst days, it’s just me, my head, and a sewing machine that won’t play ball."

"Whether it is my body or someone else’s, the finished work feels like me in every way. I see something—a feeling, a moment—finally articulated."

"For the most part, it's best always to have another embroidery ready to go. Repetition, but make it different this time…"