A Woven Fabric

A Woven Fabric

For Issue 003, we capture the 21st-century confluence of many joining together to make a singular tapestry, the thoughts of those bringing forth new threads and the look of it all.

Photography by

Sergio Pontier



“I live in the northeast of England where my friends call me ‘Vanessa from Grenada’. When I speak in Grenadian, people around adjust. Here I’m just me and I don’t have to change who I am.” — Vanessa Nair

“West Indian people are so expressive and creative. I’m proud that I can take that aspect of myself and incorporate it into my career as a model and photographer. Especially with the massive creative scene here in London.” — Jean-Luc Joseph

"I am proud of my Ghanaian heritage. I feel secure in my uniqueness and have always been comfortable with this. I am proud and love the life I have created." — Herbie Mensah

“My parents are originally from Somalia where the culture revolves around poetry. It’s a family tradition to recite poetry together. That poetry allows me to express myself and stay connected to my heritage.” — Asha Yusuf

"I take pride in being able to blend my unique cultural heritage with different people while incorporating their cultures into mine. Embracing and sharing aspects of my culture into a community while integrating theirs helps me create a multifaceted identity." — Apollo Yom


Photographer: Sergio Pontier
1st Assistant: Elliott Gunn
2nd Assistant: Olive Gilson
Fashion Director: JuanJose Mouko Nsue
Stylist Assistant: Naana Nyamekye Osei
Producer: Natalie Tuffuoh
Hair Stylist: Tariq Howes
1st Assistant: Matthew Tharp
2nd Assistant: Rosie Grace
Makeup Artist: Viktor Taylor
Makeup Assistant: Bjorn Daniel
Casting: Aymeric at AYMCASTING

Asha Yusuf c/o Chapter Management
Apollo Yom c/o The Milk Collective
Jean-Luc Joseph c/o Established Models
Karanjee G c/o 777 Casting Management
Herbie Mensah c/o 777 Casting Management
Vanessa Nair c/o JM Scouting