El Matador

El Matador

Raised in Madrid, Spain, Citizen fashion director Juanjose Mouko Nsue translates the power and the silhouette of the matador de toro into a present-day sort of cool.

Styling by

Juanjose Mouko Nsue

Photography by

Marcelo Popaj



"Because of my own history, I've been inspired by Spanish culture and the Black diaspora. As a Black-African man growing up in Madrid I found it difficult to see myself clearly within the society I was a part of. - Juanjose Mouko Nsue

"In dance we can see how music and movement is used to communicate in a surrealistic way." - JMN

"I want to challenge the boundaries and create a fantasy world in which cultures and traditions melt together." - JMN


Art Director: Juanjose Mouko Nsue
Creative Direction: Asamse
Photographer: Marcelo Popaj
Photographer Assistant: Alexandra Hamilton
Stylist: Juanjose Mouko Nsue
Stylist Assistant: Mel Edwards
Casting Director: Aymeric Pichegrain at AYMCASTING
Make-up Artist: Jasmine Hamilton
Hair Stylist: Ernesto Montenovo
Assistants: Jobina Hardy
Head Barber: Tariq Howes
Assistants: Jaiden Mccarthy, Marvin Burnett
Set Designer/Props: King Owusu
Assistant: Katherine Lee
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