In The Midst

In The Midst

An image maker’s immersion into the world of bikers, extending beyond borders and time

Photography by

Kwabena Appiah-nti



"In this community, belonging and kinship play a significant role. You experience a sense of finding your people, who become your friends if not family."

"This community has transcended borders through social media, connecting riders from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Miami, Accra, and numerous other places."

"By immersing myself in different bike communities, I have personally witnessed bonds that form among riders and the incredibly diverse nature of these gatherings."

"These brief encounters that bring a sense of newness each time they occur bring together individuals from various walks of life."

"I’ve witnessed entire families—mom, dad, children, grandma—all in attendance, cheering, clapping, all enraptured, all with me, in awe, in the midst of bikers."


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