Selected Works: Torishéju

Selected Works: Torishéju

Through deep historical research and imaginative interpretations, garment designer, Torishéju Dumi, bridges the gap between fantasy and reality, in this special edition of “Selected Works”, a bright team of creatives joins her to bring her world or garments and wonder to life.

Text by

Gabriella Karefa Johnson

Photography by

Jesse Crankson



Q: In one sentence how would you describe this work or collection? A: A collective stream of consciences moving throughout the years.

I believe that process of research, of planning speaks to my personal viewpoint.

Now that it's out in the world, it doesn't really belong to me anymore but what made it mine when creating it was the extensive research and planning that went into each garment, the minute details.

I find it very easy to adapt to certain places and situations to create work and live.


Genetic Imagination


Only One, Tina Bell